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How sex toys affect our relationships

The number of clicks:160 Date:2020-08-11

        Compared to the past decade, the popularity of adult toys has increased. Research has shown that as more and more individuals (and couples) seek closer relationships, the taboos of vibrators and other devices designed to increase personal or shared fun are gradually disappearing.

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        “Using sex toys means that you and your partner don’t love each other enough. This is one of the most common misconceptions about sex toys,” said Kate, a licensed marriage and family therapist and resident relationship and sex expert at Dr. Kat Van Kirk: "A partner may also worry that another partner will replace them with sex toys, or they will rely too much on them to cause sexual desire and/or orgasm."

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        This is not every man who uses a vibrator with his partner is at risk of inferiority or dissatisfaction. Other studies (also by the Rees (Reece) study) found that regular use of a vibrator (use for themselves, their partners or both sides) in erectile function score of men, orgasm function, sexual desire and sexual satisfaction is higher than  men who have rarely or never used vibrators.

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        Generally speaking, couples who try to explore new ways of intimacy (including trying one or more sex toys) will perform better in maintaining passion and desire for a long time. A 2016 study conducted by Dr. David Frederick of Chapman University found that during other activities, such as taking a bath together, trying new poses in bed, and arranging a date night Women and men who have used sex toys for sex together are satisfied with their partner relationship and sex life with their partners,

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        Whether sex toys ultimately enhance relationships or cause conflicts may depend on the way the partners are open and communicate. The higher the evaluation of the individuals in the relationship of their interaction with their partner, the higher their evaluation of their desire for each other and the satisfaction they obtain from the relationship.