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How to make women better access to orgasm

The number of clicks:89 Date:2020-09-17

How to make women better access to orgasm

        The first step: stroke her scalp

   Many women said that when a man's fingers inadvertently brush their hair and stay on the scalp for a moment, she will feel intoxicated and want to be close. The sex massage therapist said: "Put your fingers into her hair and massage her scalp regularly with your fingertips and finger pads. This process will relax her and feel at ease, and accept your next move from the bottom of her heart. ."

   Step 2: Kiss her ear

   When certain parts of the ears are stimulated, they can cause sexual needs. This is why people have high libido when they hear some music and groans. What a man needs to do is to get close to her ear, whisper affectionately, lick and blow, slowly add kisses, suck, and even stick his tongue into the ear hole. This will definitely cause women to tremble from the bottom of their hearts. .

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   Step 3: Sneak attack on her cleavage

   Many women like to wear open-neck and V-neck clothes because the neck and cleavage are the areas they want to be concerned about. Studies have shown that the sides of the clavicle to the cleavage are very sensitive, as is the inverted triangle area of the back of the neck. A man can extend the kiss downwards from the neck to the collarbone and then to the cleavage when she accidentally, but don't rush to touch her nipples.

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   Step 4: Pat her buttocks

   When a man embraces a woman's waist with both hands, she will unconsciously approach the man and feel excited at the same time. At the same time, the man needs to caress the woman's buttocks with his hands down. The full buttocks are regarded as a sign of female fertility. He can be stimulated by patting, nibbling, stroking and other methods. These actions are a bit erotic, but they make her excited.

   Step 5: Invade her breasts

   Many women said that when their lover strokes their breasts, they will feel a very sexy and joyful experience. Women's breasts are not all that sensitive, the focus is still on "nipples." We can use some sex toys to stimulate the nipples. In moments of passion, men can lift their breasts up and down with their hands, which is also a powerful way to trigger a woman's orgasm.


   Step 6: Stimulate her clitoris

   The clitoris is the most sensitive sex organ in women. From the appearance, it is a very small nodular tissue, much like a penis, located at the top between the labia minora on both sides, the size of a soybean. Men can gently massage with their hands, preferably with a rotating movement, from light to heavy, or we can also use S-hande’s sex toys, such us: sucker, licking vibrator, which can help women achieve orgasm.

   S-Hande's licking vibrator, sucker vibrator, toys for couple and other series are specially developed to quickly arouse the sexual response of women. Sucking and 360-degree licking can arouse Doudou's swelling and the flow of love liquid. After the love liquid flows out slowly, pushing the penis into the depths in a timely manner can easily stimulate the girls' clitoris and vagina.

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