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Beginner's Guide To Male Sex Toys

The number of clicks:693 Date:2020-09-22

Beginner's Guide To Male Sex Toys

Now is the time to remove the stigma of maximizing your bedroom.

For various reasons, despite the fact that a large proportion of people are engaged in sexual activities, only one in ten admits to actually use sex toys-in order for us to become more comfortable in a world where the pursuit of sexual freedom is normalized, this number Is growing steadily.

Ownership surrounding male sex toys is quickly returning to normal. In order to help men guide the first stage of seeking amazing sex, we have partnered with leading online adult store S-hande to provide you with what you should consider adding to your bedside drawer The lowest price for all items.

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Masturbation Sleeves

Sometimes known less-eloquently as pocket pussies, masturbation sleeves are just that: essentially the male equivalent of a dildo, generally designed to mimic the sensation of sex (whichever form that may take) as much as possible. They come in an array of options to suit your taste, with some specially designed as stamina trainers to help you build up your performance when a real-life partner comes-a-calling.

 Masturbation Sleeves.jpg

Cock Rings

Designed to enhance both solo and mutual pleasure (sometimes by way of a vibrator installed in the ring), Cock Rings essentially promote blood flow to your old fella in the same way a pair of compression shorts does your quads in a footy match. This means you'll get bigger, more powerful erections and an enhanced overall experience, as one of our writers found out last year.

 cock rings-2.jpg

Prostate massage

For those who dare to venture into such territory, a prostate orgasm, as it's known, has been the holy grail of male sexual experiences for sometime. And for both solo and partner use, a growing number of toys have been made available for those who want to experiment in reaching what's largely regarded as the men's equivalent of the g-spot.

 anal bead-3.jpg

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