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A guide to sex skills for different age groups to help you improve the quality of your sex life

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Our sexual desire is strongest when we are about 20 years old. Our sexual organs will gradually decline with age, such as erectile dysfunction, vaginal dryness, etc. Therefore, at different ages, we must pay attention to the corresponding skills.


20 years old: be bold to say what you want

   Around the age of 20 is the period of strong sexual desire. Women at this stage are prone to sexual fantasies and want to try some sexual behaviors, but also eager to try some new sex positions. Proper communication between lovers can improve sexual satisfaction. However, measures must be taken to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases at this stage. The more sexual partners of young people, the greater the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. The younger a woman has sex, the higher her risk of cervical cancer. So do a good job of self-cleaning and self-love. After sex, go to the hospital for cervical cancer screening once a year. In addition, you can also get the hpv vaccine. It is best to wear a condom during sex.


30 years old: need to master some sexual skills

After the age of 30, people want to try various sex experiments, hoping to get a certain amount of stimulation, so couples may wish to try to change the place and time of sex or have a mandarin duck bath. After the age of 30, because of children, body and thought factors, it will reduce sexual desire, so female friends should exercise more to maintain their body. Women at this stage are prone to suffer from gynecological diseases, so be sure to observe some of the symptoms on the body. If the menstrual flow is increased or the sexual intercourse is painful, you should go to the hospital for corresponding examinations and actively cooperate with the doctor for treatment.


40 years old: pay attention to foreplay

 Around the age of 40, not only do you have to take care of your children and parents, but at the same time you have a busy career and a lot of pressure, and your libido will decrease at this time. Female friends may wish to take a hot bath, yoga or exercise to reduce stress and increase libido. In addition, there must be at least 15 minutes of foreplay before sex to fully mobilize women's sexual desires, so that they can complete a perfect sex. After the age of 40, men’s sexual function will also decline, and they are prone to erectile dysfunction. Therefore, male friends should exercise their body appropriately to enhance their sexual abilities.



The sex guide for different age groups is also different, but it must be adjusted according to the physical constitution. For young couples, sex is enough 2 to 3 times a week, and for middle-aged and elderly people, it is enough to keep it once a week. After menopause, women are prone to vaginal dryness and urinary incontinence, so some measures should be actively taken to deal with it.