Please enter the security code on the label in turn

Our product series are manufactured with domestic advanced digital anti-counterfeiting, customers can check it with below 4 ways:

1. We adopt security label with random currency shading technology, it is hard to be copied.

2. Our security label's surface is made with two-dimension code, you can scan with your smart phone which installed relative softwares.

3. Consumers may scratch label surface layer, dial the toll-free anti-counterfeiting telephone number shown on the label, and input the 16-digit anti-counterfeiting code obtained right now as instructed by the voice prompt. Then, you will hear the voice prompt: (Hello, your query is produced by Shenzhen S-HANDE Technology Co.,Ltd., the genuine qualified products, please rest assured to buy used, thank you for your patronage!)

4. Consumers may log in to our website and input the 16-digit security code, you can tell the true from the false.