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    Established in 2014, Shenzhen S-Hande Technology Co., Ltd has been developed into top 10 sex toy manufacturers in China.S-Hande insists on all-in-house production, with our creative R&D team, own m
    oulding workshop, plastic injection, silicone production, oil painting and assembling, clients can always expect both OEM and ODM products from us with high quality. As a most innovated company, our
    products win great popularity both online and in shops world widely, from Europe, America to Asia.We offer 3 year warranty for all of our products. Our manufacturing is under ISO9001 standard ,and
    products are certified with CE, ROHS, FCC & FDA.Customer first is our marketing principle, that makes us growing rapidly. We have principle to protect customers who are in the same area from price
    competiton.What’s more, We have a dream-graphic design team of 8 members to make high quality pictures and even pickagings as customer’s request.We warmly invite you to build a brighter future.

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