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Sexual intercourse is one of the ways to solve sexual worries and difficulties

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There is such a case: Mr. Liu and the victim girl were netizens who met through online chat, and the two met a few months later. On the day of the meeting, the man directly pulled the young woman to the hotel and forcibly had sex with her. After the incident, the young woman wanted to call the police, but Mr. Liu, the young man, told her to continue the relationship, establish a relationship with her boyfriend and girlfriend, and confess her true feelings to her. In this way, the young woman also agreed to continue the relationship between the two. As a result, six sexual relations occurred in the three months after officially becoming a boy and girl friend. Later, when the young woman became pregnant, her parents and school teachers found out that she immediately called the police, asking the public security organs to hold the young man criminally responsible. Later, the police arrested Mr. Liu and brought him to justice and interrogated him about the facts and details of the rape. In the transcript, the young woman also said that the first time she was raped, she had no choice but to agree to have sex with him. Afterwards, she had no coercion on several occasions, and they all had sex voluntarily. Then "after the rape, men and women voluntarily had six sexual relations, does it constitute rape for the first time?" After multiple prosecutions and the parties replies, the court held that Mr. Liu and the young woman had voluntarily sex, which was normal sexual intercourse. But it cannot be denied the fact that for the first time forcibly having sex. The case is still under trial, but the controversy aroused is very large. This involves the "sexual intercourse" we are going to describe today.

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Sexual communication refers to people's interpersonal communication and interaction through various sexual activities. It can refer specifically to the communication between two people in sexual activities (couples, couples), and it can also refer to the interpersonal communication between two people in activities that are not direct sexual intercourse. For example, the objects of fantasy when masturbating, the sexual partners imagined when watching pornography, etc., are all objects of sexual intercourse. Many appliances in the adult products industry can also have sexual intercourse. For example, in the process of using physical dolls, the dolls have been humanized, and this is also intercourse.

Sexual intercourse is a kind of neutral dynamic appearance, which does not involve moral and legal constraints. For Mr. Liu in the previous case, the court also determined that the subsequent six times were normal sexual intercourse. Visible communication also has legal and moral constraints and boundaries.

The core meaning of sexual communication is: any kind of interpersonal or independent sexual activity is actually not only to satisfy one's own physical and mental needs, but also to engage in social communication in a general sense with others or fantasies.

In general communication, everyone hopes to get affirmation and support from others in order to enhance their social status and confidence. Otherwise, it will be reduced, interrupted and terminated.

The same is true in sexual activity.

If you can’t get the affirmation and support of your feelings and abilities in sexual activities for a long time, you will feel disappointed in your sexual activities and your sexual partners, and you will involuntarily reduce and terminate them, forming a medicalsex “frigidity”and “sexual frigidity“.

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In addition to the restrictions on living conditions, a large part of the people who buy adult products do not like or are unwilling to face the opposite sex directly, because their hearts have been hurt or low self-esteem, but they have sexual needs and yearnings. Appliances can make up for this. Regrettably, this also shows that their sexual intercourse has not been interrupted, which is also a great blessing for the adult products industry to contribute to the society.

Sexual psychology often regards sexual activity as a process of sexual response. It seems to ignore the communication and interaction of sexual behavior.

A smooth and happy sexual activity in the body requires both parties to become friends, even if it is a sex toy. Just like close friends in general social interactions, we can see from another perspective, such as our feelings for pets.

Interaction is the prerequisite for communication, and affirmation and support are the continuation of communication. If the code of conduct and the ability and skills of psychological communication for others can be applied to sexual activities, then in your own sexual activities, you can see the "body" and "I", and you can also see the "communication". "And "the other side".

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In terms of practical application, the introduction and popularization of sexual intercourse is to establish and improve the benign intercourse between the two parties in sexual activities, and it is also one of the important methods to solve most of the sexual difficulties and annoyances.

"After rape, men and women voluntarily had six sexual relations. Does the first time constitute rape?" The title of the case concluded that there was a criminal fact of "rape", and the later "voluntary" was the biggest controversy. The process of sexual interaction between Mr. Liu and young women includes interpersonal communication, sexual initiative, active conduct, appropriate coordination and aftermath treatment. These manifestations are high-level generalizations of sexual interaction. But society is made up of multiple factors, and the pregnancy of young women leads to tragedies. This is the key to sexual intercourse.

Without the ability of sexual social communication, one cannot engage in any sexual activities in the society and family. It includes the following aspects:

1.Good sexual intercourse ability can consciously build up sexual self-confidence, be able to objectively analyze and solve the setbacks and difficulties encountered in sexuality, and neither complain nor give up. In the event of infringement and damage, they can defend themselves and counterattack in the best possible way. In the above cases, the young women decisively report the case for the first time, and subsequent disputes will not arise.

2.Can consciously and actively cultivate their own sexual charm. Try to learn how to perform it in an appropriate way or make up for the shortcomings in this area. This is also the innate advantage of sexual intercourse ability. However, international law stipulates that all sexual rights are equal and owned by all.

3.Have a positive attitude towards the sexual interpersonal communication that you need and yearn for, and actively strive for it when you encounter the right opportunity.

4.Able to continuously learn, identify, evaluate and grasp the signals of sexual intercourse sent by others, identify good and bad, and make appropriate responses.

5.Able to bear and properly handle any results after the failure of sexual intercourse, and actively protect their own rights and psychological damage after failure.

Sexual intercourse signal

Sexual communication signals refer to a variety of symbolic primary messages or behaviors used to express wishes that a person sends to the other party in order to have sex with others or interpersonal communication involving sex. These signals do not refer to correspondence and direct courtship. The signal of sexual intercourse is very obscure, it can only be unspeakable, and it is also different from the requirement of sexual intercourse.

The signals of sexual intercourse include language, movement, expression, posture, etc. The signal sender expresses the subjective intention of sexual intercourse. After the other party understands these signals, he must make an appropriate response, accept or reject, so that the sexual intercourse can really proceed.

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In different cultures, different ages and different social classes, the specific forms of sexual intercourse signals are also different. There are a lot of intangible, obscure and non-equivalent information in it. The signal of sexual intercourse is not only a tool for expressing personal intentions, but also a tool for mutual communication, as well as a tool for expressing the affiliation, identity, and status of individuals.