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Sexual intercourse is one of the ways to solve sexual worries and difficulties
There is such a case: Mr. Liu and the victim girl were netizens who met through online chat, and the two met a few months later. On the day of the meeting, the man directly pulled ···
How much do you know about the health benefits of sex toys?
A study conducted at Indiana University in the United States found that among people aged 18-65, 53% of women and 45% of men used vibrators, and this significantly improved their s···
The principle of the sucking toy
Many women do not feel comfortable when they first encounter sex.Women are far less aware of their bodies and desires than men, and many people still don't know what an orgasm ···
How to exercise pelvic floor muscle and have better sex experience
Many people think that only women after childbirth have the problem of pelvic floor muscle relaxation.Although pregnancy and childbirth are the two largest causes, chronic abdomina···
I learned to have an orgasm in every way
The scientific benefits of female orgasm have long been medically proven, including helping to relieve stress, relieve menstrual cramps or help get better sleep.1. Reaching orgasm ···
The Top 5 Ways to Tell If That Clit Vibrator Is Worth It or Not
Putting this much time and energy into purchasing a clitoral vibrator may seem frivolous, but I assure you it’s not. Buying your first (or next) clit vibe may not be a walk in the···
S-HANDE丨What Is Car Sex?
fetish, or curiosity. Car sex can involve a number of complicating factors, such as constricted space and a lack of privacy. However, it can also be safe and fun.How to Explore Car···
SHANDE丨50 couples sex game
Poker time S-HANDE The poker have 4 kind. diamond = kiss Spade = Mouth Heart = foot club = hand KQJ can represent three parts. Face/chest/penis Digital Card is Duration. The joker···
Inventory of interesting adult toy stores around the world
Do you miss the free time to play happily, even if you can’t go, you can see what the high-quality sex toy stores all over the world look like during the time of Internet surfing···
The bed is made of cardboard. Is this to prohibit "love action movies" from being staged? The athletes are at the peak of their bodies. After the fierce competition is ov···
What are the most popular sex toys in each state of the United States?
In recent years, the sex toy industry has developed vigorously all over the world, which is undoubtedly due to the rapid growth of e-commerce platforms and the gradual opening of s···
Will human beings indulge in love with physical dolls in the future?
"I have something to tell you...I cheated on the robot." Do you think this is the plot in the novel? This scene is vaguely reminiscent of the intimate relationship betwe···
How many women have been cured by sex vibrators for hundreds of years
For women nowadays, sex toys have long been commonplace. There are various solutions to satisfy their physical needs and make the body and soul cheer up.However, women in the past ···
The statue of the Virgin is a sex toy.
At the 2021 Cannes Film Festival, the participating film "Blessed Virgin" surprises the plot: the sex toy that appears in the film is a statue of the Virgin, carved into ···
A middle-aged man works in a different place and buys 6 simulation dolls as his companions, his wife and children understand and support
In recent years, more and more people are buying "simulation dolls". For them, "dolls" are no longer a prop, but a "soul mate". A 66-year-old middle-···